Term 3 Week 3



Homework expectations

EveryDay Edit example: Chinese New Year

Reading Homework
Draw up a grid in your Homework book to record what you are reading each night.  15 minutes every night. You can read the newspaper, a novel, a picture book to a family member, a magazine, a website, a blog...read something you enjoy!

I look forward to marking your homework on Tuesday 26th February.

13th February 2013
You can now access the Basic Facts Ladder at home, provided you have Dropbox installed on your computer at home - CHECK with the owner of the computer BEFORE you install it!
 What will you do to get from Stage 4 to Stage 8?

11th February 2013
Only 4 more days until our Homework Opt-in/Opt-out sheets are due in.  Great to see so many students have brought theirs back already!  

Today we set up our Homework books, this will allow us to keep track of what commitments we have for the week, like PE on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, remembering to bring covered shoes for Food Technology on Wednesday, plus meetings we read about on the Daily notices, as well as all those things WE are now responsible for remembering (not our parents!!).  

Formal homework practice doesn't start until next week, but to ease us into it gently, Mrs Bradshaw has  helped us establish where we are on the Basic Facts Ladder - man, that test was fast! And we have come up with some strategies for learning our spelling words, basic facts and making sure we understand what we read. 

PARENTS: all students should have a copy of the following list in the front of their Homework books. 

Which strategy do you find most effective for learning spelling words and basic facts?

7th February 2013
Today after lunch we watched this TED-ed Video - An anti-hero of one's own.  For 'homework' you can watch this video again and 'Think' about the questions, and even Dig deeper and learn more. 

5th February 2013
"Oh my gosh, homework already!!!"  I can hear you say.  Don't worry it's really homework for one of your parents or caregivers. 

Make sure that a parent or caregiver reads the information about our school homework policy and completes the form on the back.  

This form is due back on Friday 15th February (end of week 2) 


  1. Thomas Hartley9 July 2013 at 11:11

    Wow thats quite a bit of Homework.

  2. Wow that is quite a lot of homework hope you enjoy looks fun:)

  3. Opt-in/Opt-out homework sheets: What a great idea to foster better relationships between home and school!

    As a teacher, I would have loved to have this process available, to have parents decide if they wanted their child doing homework I set or not. Works for both options, and should result in great support from home, either way.

    Well done!

    Dr Peter Price