Friday, 29 November 2013

Veronika, Paige, Tiana and Monishan's Cyberbullying video

Charlotte and Jesse's Cyberbullying video

Jude and Kaleb's Cybersafety video

Ehinar and Tash's Cyberbullying video

ACB essay competition

Mr Butler organised an Essay Competition in honour of his mother and her love of writing.

By clicking on the name below, you can read that person's essay:



This term we have been learning Te Reo Maori with Room 3 on a Friday morning. Next week we are going to be sharing our pepeha with the class.  Today we are practising our pronunciation.  Here are a couple of websites that we are using to help us:

For pronunciation: 

For translation: 

Here is the outline of our pepeha (where I come from):

Tena koutou e hoa ma.
Ko _________________ te maunga
Ko _________________ te awa
Ko _________________ te iwi

Ko _________________ toku ingoa
Te kau ma _______________ oku tau
Ko _________________ raua ko ______________ oku matua

No Papaioea ahau
Ko Whaea Pia Bradshaw te kaiako
No te whanau Ngata ahau
Ko matua Wayne Codyre te tumuaki o taku kura

Tena koutou, tena koutou tena koutou ka toa.

Here is another example of a pepeha

The Order of Introduction
Ko ____________________ toku maunga
Ko ____________________ toku moana
Ko ____________________ toku awa
Ko ____________________ toku waka
Ko ____________________ toku rohe
Ko ____________________ toku iwi
Ko ____________________ toku hapu
Ko ____________________ toku wahi
Ko ____________________ toku marae
Ko _____________ raua ko ___________oku kaumatua
Now if your parents come from the same place, continue as follows:
(a) Ko _____________ raua ko ___________ oku matua
Ko ____________________ toku ingoa
If your parents come from two different places you do your father´s side first.
(b) Ko ____________________ toku matua tane
then go back to the top (Maunga) and come down your mother´s side.
(c) Ko ____________________ toku whaea
Ko ____________________ toku ingoa
If one side is Maori, choose (a) (b) or (c) and then finish off with:
Ko ____________________ toku ingoa

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Who can see what you put online?

As part of the Keeping Ourselves Safe health unit, we have been learning about how to keep ourselves safe online.  We were pretty surprised to find out how many people can see the photos we put on the internet and that they can be altered, pretty easily.

Have a read about what happened when this teacher put her photo online, as an experiment for her class.
Read more by clicking here

Cyberbullying videos - Can we keep ourselves safe online? #gigatownpmn

Our school-wide Cybersafety Video Competition has a new branch, the Room 2 Cybersafety Competition.  Prizes include iTunes vouchers and McDonald's vouchers.  

We have been working hard to get them ready for tomorrow's deadline.

Check out the range of applications and programmes we have been using:

 Ehinar, Tash and Veronika using Wideo

James using iTunes and YouTube to look for music

Charlotte, Jesse and Monishan using Photobooth to film

 Malik, Matt and Kane using Go Animate
 Paige and Tiana using iMovie to edit
 Trinity, Keely and Serena play back on the macbook after filming on ipod

Nathanial creating each image on Pages before presenting on Keynote

Thursday, 21 November 2013

End of term typing challenge

At the end of this term, (#gigtownpmn) we are going to have an online typing challenge. Over the next few weeks you can practice typing using any of the games from this website or nitrotype.

For all the details, check out the Edmodo assignment here.

Newsletter Term 4 Week 6

If we were #gigatownpmn, just imagine how fast you could download this newsletter!!  Check all the wonderful things the Ross Intermediate kids (and their teachers) have be up to recently.  Download this week's newsletter here. If you would like to receive our newsletter straight to your inbox, then you can sign up here. As this is a forward to a friend link from our newsletter, your own name goes in the 'your friend's name' box).  Otherwise send me an email and I will have your name and email address added.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Homework Term 4 Week 6

A little later than normal, but it is here.  Week 6 homework. Make sure you have an adult sign off each task you complete.  Well done Jesse, Tiana and Veronika for achieving Expert status in your homework this week.  Let's see who else will join them in receiving a Choice Award for their efforts.
This week's homework as a little extra, a Te Reo Homework sheet, based on what we have been learning with Room 3 on Friday mornings.
Apologies for the mistake on the homework sheet, Ruma Toru, not Ruma Rua - we are Ruma Rua!!
I look forward to marking your homework on Monday 25th November.

Fantastic work, Kane!!

Kane has a great day at Hockey Prizegiving on Sunday!

Here he is with his all his trophies.
- Hatch Cup Boys A Team
- Most Improved Player for Boys A Team
- Most Improved Junior Umpire

Well done, Kane!!

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Edmodo spelling and basic facts videos

 How many devices can you spot in this photo?

Before school this morning Mrs Bradshaw found these Room 2 girls working hard to complete this week's spelling and basic facts testing videos. Once completed they need to be uploaded to Edmodo, so that Mrs Bradshaw can see how much they improve each week.  No wonder their spelling is so good and they are racing up the Basic Facts Ladder!

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Homework Term 4 Week 5

Just a couple of changes to this week's homework sheet. As per usual it can be found on the Homework blog page.

If you have any school work that is unfinished for any reason, remember that you can complete this at home. 

Writing google docs are available anywhere there is a working internet browser - this could be on an Ipad, PC, Macbook or...your phone!  

Literacy books can go home, but MUST be returned to school the very next day, as you know, we work in these books EVERY DAY. 

Edmodo videos can be completed at home, once again, using your phone.  You can then upload the video to Edmodo once you arrive at school - as long as it is before 8.40am. 

Did you enjoy reading the newsletter with your family? We will have another one out on Thursday.

The NAPE (Novice, Apprentice, Practitioner, Expert) rubric has been added so you can see what needs to be done to improve on last week's effort.

Take care and do your best to get it all completed by Monday 18th November.

Algebra Games

That's right we have pretty much finished working on Statistics and Fractions for the year.  Soon we are going to be moving on to ALGEBRA.

Here are a few Algebra games to help with our learning. Do you know of any awesome algebra games?  If you do add them to the comments box below.  Then check back and see which ones we have tried and tested, and match our learning.
Building with Functions

Fun with Fibonnacci

Fibonnacci sequence

Equation game

Pattern match

System of Equations - a fun game invoing basketball hoops

Learning greater than and less than

Comparing numbers 100 - 10,000

Comparing numbers up to 1,000,000 - using greater than and less than

A range of fun algebra games

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Homework Term 4 Week 4

It's that time of the week again.  Room 2's homework has been added to the 'homework' page on our blog.  Remember to can download and print a nice colour copy from here or you can collect a black and white copy from the class notice board. 

Homework is due on next Monday 11th November. 

One of the MUST DOs this week involves reading a section of this fortnight's newsletter.  You can find it on the previous blog post to this one. Enjoy!