Behaviour Expectations

Behaviour Reflection

If our behaviour doesn't meet expectation during class time, Mrs Bradshaw writes our name on the board, under the 'Unhappy Lorax', and that means we need to fill in a Behaviour Reflection sheet during our morning tea.  If we misbehave again, either in Mrs Bradshaw's class or during technology we get a cross next to our name and then we have to go to detention, AND lose two credits.

School Uniform

We wear two school uniforms at Ross Intermediate.  You can see Mr Codyre and Mrs Nixon modelling them, in the Ross Rule - We wear our uniform with pride at all times.
You may notice that Mr Codyre is wearing the Hillary PE uniform - doesn't he look good!

If you don't wear your PE uniform then you will have to copy out the PE contract into your Homework book and have a parent/caregiver sign it and bring it back to school.

School Rules

Here at Ross Intermediate, we don't have many rules, most rules you will be familiar with, as there were probably similar rules at your previous school.

You can also find these posters up all over the school.

How many staff members can you name?

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