Monday, 8 April 2013


Has your child received the Ross Intermediate Postcard?
Postcards are sent to parents of children who have done something exceptional during the week.
Postcard are also worth 5 credits!
Keep a close eye on your mail box and if you move house, make sure the school has you new address!

If you have received a postcard this term, write in the comment box below what you received it for. If you haven't received one, write a comment explaining what you think you might get a postcard for...


  1. You can also find out who received the postcard for the week by checking the newsletter. ›

  2. wow i'd want to have a postcard and get 5credits

  3. i have been striving for a post card all term!!!!

  4. congrats for whoever got it !!!! wish i got one lol so jealous of my sister :P.

  5. Ive had a postcard this term.Last year in RM13 i got 2 of them as well...

  6. I really wish I had post card.