Thursday, 24 January 2013

Setting up the classroom

This week, Mrs Bradshaw has been busy setting up the classroom.  Arranging students desks, displaying novels, organising wall displays, formatting a class blog and tweeting on the class twitter account (@MrsPBradshaw).

It's a work in progress....
At the start of term we will need to come up with a class name using the number two, so get your thinking hats on, add any ideas to the comments below, a class discussion will commence after Waitangi Day.

These examples from the past may inspire you....

ForenSIX Investigators - Room 6
Wi-FIVE - Room 5
Cloud NINETEEN - Room 19
Slice of SEVEN Room 7
Dodecahedron (12 sided polygon) - Room 12
Non-Triskaidekaphobia (Not afraid of the number 13) - Room 13
1909 (The year Jean Batten was born) - Room 9
Excelerate - Room 8
3D - Room 3

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