Tuesday, 7 May 2013

IT skills and KAPOW Inquiry

At the moment we are gearing up for our Inquiry prompt - 'The Next Big Thing'.

For 'The Next Big Thing' we need to have really good inquiry skills, and be able to research and build on our ideas.  At Ross we use the KAPOW Inquiry model to help us with our research and questioning skills (along with other things).

So, before we get started on 'The Next Big Thing', we are polishing up on KAPOW by researching and learning different IT skills.

There are quite a few IT skills we KNOW about already, like, logging in to our email, exporting a document to pdf, signing in to Edmodo...

Today, we ACQUIRED information that showed us how to create an avatar, we then built on that knowledge by learning how to upload it to Edmodo. You can watch the youtube clip that we found, if you would like to do the same.

What do you think of Serena and Jude's avatar's?

Tomorrow, we are going to PROCESS that information...then look at the OPTIONS of how we can present it....I wonder WHAT'S NEXT? for the Inquiring minds of Room 2?

If you would like to 'ClayYourself' visit http://www.clayyourself.com/ 

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