Monday, 28 October 2013

Can we make Facebook - Safebook?

Of course we can! Follow these simple rules and stay safe on Facebook.


  1. Hi Room 2,
    I really like your safebook poster, I like the design and information and advice that is in it. I will share this with my computer club and class 11 when we go back to school after our half term break.
    Miss Williams

    1. Hi Miss Williams,
      at the moment we are learning about Keeping Ourselves Safe, later on in the term we are going to be learning about Internet Safety. I think this infographic has a lot of helpful information.
      Thank you for commenting on our page and sharing your blog with us.

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  3. Hi Room 2
    I really like the safebook poster as well. It is very good information and you will be safe online if you follow the guidelines.
    Lynnaire Hickmott

    (Jesse's Mum)