Friday, 18 October 2013

Printmaking with Miss A

Jude and Kane show us how the Printing Press works.


  1. Blair Room 6 Halcombe school.22 October 2013 at 11:24

    Lucky, that must be so fun using the printing press.

  2. I haven't done printing yet, but it looks really awesome!

  3. I enjoyed doing printmaking it was fun.
    Before we had to do printmaking we had do draw a bug, then cut
    it into little pieces then we had glue it on another paper we had to let it dry.
    After it was dry we had to color it then we started printmaking.

    Monishan Budathoki
    Ross Intermediate

  4. Using the printing press was awesome! Miss A was telling us it costs thousands of dollars ! We were working all day on our stencils and we got to make three pictures from them so i think it was all worth it in the end ! Who else liked using the printing press ? Before that art session I had no idea what the printing press was ! Every session with Miss A i learn something new !

    Paige Hutching
    Room 2
    Ross Intermediate