Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Homework Term 4 Week 6

A little later than normal, but it is here.  Week 6 homework. Make sure you have an adult sign off each task you complete.  Well done Jesse, Tiana and Veronika for achieving Expert status in your homework this week.  Let's see who else will join them in receiving a Choice Award for their efforts.
This week's homework as a little extra, a Te Reo Homework sheet, based on what we have been learning with Room 3 on Friday mornings.
Apologies for the mistake on the homework sheet, Ruma Toru, not Ruma Rua - we are Ruma Rua!!
I look forward to marking your homework on Monday 25th November.


  1. Hello Mrs Bradshaw and Romm 2,
    I think that for homework every fortnight we should decide what our homework should be. Recently I have been finding that homework has been boring.
    Maybe we can include the Fish Philosophy into our homework, like making a movie about playing with siblings. Or maybe write things that we really enjoy and then make a poster about us (I got this idea from one of the classrooms I saw and they were selling themselves and saying what was good about themselves so you can buy them).
    Does anyone else have any ideas for more homework (or less if you prefer)? I'm sure that if we all participate, then we can make homework MUCH more fun!
    Jude Kinza Van Houtte
    Room 2
    Ross Intermediate
    Palmerston North
    New Zealand

    1. Great idea Jude. I look forward to hearing or reading the suggestions offered by the students of Room 2 and their parents :)
      Mrs Bradshaw
      Room 2
      Ross Intermediate