Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Including others

This week we have been learning about 'including others'. As there are lots of new people to our school, we like to do our best to make sure we include others when we do different activities.

On Monday, Mrs Bradshaw put us into teams (at random) of 4 and we had to colour in this picture of some dinosaurs...sounds easy enough, huh?

That's what we thought.  But trying to include 4 people in colouring in one A4 piece of paper wan't without it's challenges.

Some challenges included - getting everyone involved all the time, agreeing on what colour to use, finding a range of pens and pencils to use and keeping pencils sharp.

But we did a pretty good job of dealing with those issues, like taking turns to colour in, dividing up the picture in to quarters and working on a quarter each, have different tasks for different people, colour chosers, colour-in-ers, pencil sharpeners and pencil colour finders. We all played a part in our team.

Here are a couple of videos of us in action:

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