Thursday, 27 June 2013

Ipod Treaty

We worked really hard selling our boxes of chocolate (Josh sold 11 boxes!!) and so now we have 5 ipods in Room 2.

We are really looking forward to using them to enhance our learning.  But before we do that we had to create a treaty.

As we are a 1:2 laptop classroom, Mrs Bradshaw allows us to bring our own devices - as long as our parents agree! So we needed to create a few rules about those as well.

We discussed the different ways we can use the ipods and then we talked about behaviour expectations when using ipods.  We put all our ideas on a google padlet then Mrs Bradshaw put together the treaty on a google doc. 

As this is a contract, and you can only make changes to a contract, before you sign it, we had to make sure we understood what it said, and felt happy about signing it. As you can see we are all happy and look forward to using the ipods in class. 


  1. Paris Room3

    Hey room2, I think that this is fantastic, they are very meaningful rule's and should be used around all Ipods, laptops and other electrical tools. I think our class should make one too! Good work!

  2. That is just like 3dom treaty.

    Creative thinking well done.

  3. How to iPods are so exciting good to see that the Power of 2 is making some great rules for the Ipods good work !