Wednesday, 12 June 2013

The Design Process of Velcro

As part of Inquiry we have been working on the Design Process of  'The Next Big Thing'.

This week we used a KWL template to identify 'what we thought we knew' about velcro.

Then 'what we wanted to know'

We are often led to believe that inventions like velcro happen over night.

When we read about George de Mestral, the inventor of velcro, in this blog,  'we learned' (as the third part of the KWL process) that the design process for velcro took 20 years!!

While a lot of time was spent in the 'build, test and evaluate, and redesign' stage, the 'PITCH' was extremely important.

At the end of week 8 we need to have our PITCH for our 'Next Big Thing' ready to present to the class.

I wonder who will be the most convincing!

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