Friday, 7 June 2013

Make Someone's Day and Pay It Forward

Today is Fish Philosophy Friday.

This morning we reflected on what we had learnt about Fish Philosophy over the last three weeks.  We discussed 'Play',  'Be There' and 'Choose Your Attitude'.  So this week it was time to learn about 'Make Their Day'.

We watched a video clip from the movie - Pay It Forward.

With a bit more research we understood the concept of Pay It Forward: It means when something, usually good, happens to you, you turn around and do something good for someone else. Instead of paying something "back" you are paying it "forward" on to the next person. (Tiaana found this definition on Yahoo Answers

Then we used Google Padlet to write down our ideas for how we can 'Make Someone's Day' at school and at home. 


  1. Wow very interesting!

  2. Wow very interseting!

  3. WOW great to see what is happening in room 2 !

  4. This is a such a awesome learning tool and those are some great ways to make peoples day.

  5. They are such kind things to make someones day! This is very interesting room 2. We are also doing the fish philosophy in our class as well.