Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Book Club

Last term during Technology time, when our class was split in two we started up Book Club.  During this time we ask our buddy 5 of the questions from this list (we can also make up our own questions, as long as we use the Seven Servants), then we share as a class. 

This term we are looking forward to bringing the whole class together for book club and using what we are learning with CSI (Comprehension Strategies Instruction) programme.

These questions can also be used by parents and family member to ask about our reading too. 

WALT - discuss what we have read

What is the title of your book?
Who wrote your book/article/magazine/blog?
How did this book compare to others you have read by the same author? What did you like about this book?
What happened in this book?
Where is your book set?
When is your book set?
How did this book describe a character/problem/point/solution?
Which book do you think you will read next?
What did you infer when reading this book?
What genre/type of book did you read?
What does this book make you want to do or try?
What was the purpose of this book?
What predictions did you make when you started reading this book? What is an interesting fact that you learned?
Describe this book in your own words
What has happened in this book so far?
What would you rate this book out of 5? (1=poor, 5 = awesome!)
What would have made this book better?
What do you predict will happen in the next part of your book?
Which words did you find difficult to find the meaning of?
What did you learn from this book?
Where was this book published?
What connections can you make between your life and the book?
When was this book written?
How many pages are in this book? 


  1. Those are a lot of very useful and interesting questions. I hope that they work.

  2. Really Love that segment of the day I wish we did it ever day