Thursday, 8 August 2013

Spelling Under Scrutiny - Sounds of Spelling

WALT recognise the sounds of spelling

This term we are working on our spelling.  We are using a wonderful resource called Spelling Under Scrutiny by Joy Allcock.

To help us with our spelling we need to identify the different sounds that different letter combinations make.

Today we looked at the sounds 'or', 'er', 'ow',  and 'oy'
We were really surprised to find out that that the 'or' sound can be made up by 12 different combinations of letters, such as ough, or, aw, ore, ar, augh, our, awe, a al, au, oor.
These sounds can be found in words like: thought, organise, saw, ignore, four, talking, naughty, floor, water, board, awesome, warming, August.

Can you think of any more word that have the sound 'or'?


  1. Thank you so much for that post I never realised there were so many different sounds for "or".

  2. Wow you guys have done some amazing thinking to find so many different ways to make the "or" sound!
    The "or" sound that surprised me the most was the al in talking. I had never noticed that one, keep up the good work guys.