Saturday, 17 August 2013

Fractions websites

Next week we are going to be finished working on Geometry and we will be learning all about Fractions.  After we have worked with Mrs Bradshaw and then completed and marked our book/board work will consolidate our learning with Fractions websites.

Here are a few that we will be using:

e-ako maths: this is something new that we are learning to use

studyladder - set tasks: we always aim to get 10/10 then upload a screenshot to our Dropbox folder.

khan academy - fractions: Khan academy has an updated look since we last used it.

And a few Fractions games:

Tony's fraction pizza shop     
Cookies for Grampy
Bitesize Fractions 
Johnny's Maths Page
Find Grampy
Fraction poker
Melvin's make a match
Converting Fractions to Decimals

Let us know which Fractions game you enjoy the most?

Thanks to Ms Turnbull for collating lots of these games by the NZ maths Stages on her Wikispace - we are now following her on Twitter.


  1. I have used one of those web sites before and it was really effective so I hope the rest of them are.

  2. I am good at Fractions poker I got 200 point.

    Ross Intermediate

  3. I am good at Fractions poker I got 200 point.