Thursday, 8 August 2013

Puberty - Health

As part of Health this term we are taking a brief look at puberty.

WALT - recognise the changes in boys and girls during puberty.

Mrs Bradshaw created an assignment on Edmodo using a BBC - Science and Nature website:

Initially there were a few giggles as we felt a bit uncomfortable, but we learnt an awful lot!


  1. Hey room2, room3 is doing puberty classes as well. Mr T read out some amazing and horrific facts about how other cultures go through this compared to us. Example some people in a different race have to jump of a tall tower to prove they are man, others have to be separated from everyone else in there village for a long period of time until they prove they are adult and can live by them self. We had a laugh too! Keep up the good work room2. :)

  2. Room 3 is doing puberty as well we have been doing lots of tests to test of knowledge on what we want to know or what we already know on puberty. We also have a question box do you guys?