Sunday, 1 September 2013

Junior Bucket Heads

Would you like to be a part of the Junior Buckethead experience

All you need to do is tell Property Brokers the reason why our class deserves to win tickets. Other classes have made videos, collages, poems, songs, and chants, so we need to get creative.    

Any reason will do with the winners being selected the week before each game. For further information and prize details visit the Property Brokers website. 


  1. Hi
    I think it would be a cool experience to go to watch the Turbos and meet the players and wear the bucket heads.
    I quite like the idea or how you can design the buckets how ever you want.
    We could do a video of us saying something like "go turbos"
    Or we could draw a picture saying something like that!
    I don't really have any good ideas at the moment but other people in The Power Of 2 might have some brilliant ideas! :)

    Keely Puklowski
    The Power Of 2 (Room 2)
    Ngata Team
    Ross Intermediate
    Palmerston North
    New Zealand

  2. Hey Room 2,
    This is a great competition and we should definitely enter! I think that maybe would could make a video saying that we are the Turbos biggest fans (I know that some of you aren't but remember we get to go into a box up the top!!!) This is a great opportunity and we shouldn't waste it!! So lets get cracking, if you have any idea what to do email the class and hopefully we can can make it happen! :)
    From Jude and Kaleb
    Room 2
    Ross Int.