Friday, 6 September 2013

Narrative writing - 20 Character Facts

In Room 2 we are busy writing narratives.  To get us started we created a WANTED poster for the main character of our narrative. The idea was to write 20 character facts, this will then help us with the next step of building a sequence of events. Here are some examples: 


  1. Wow, They look so amazing...
    I exspecily like how some of these people have linked in the Reward to why they are Wanted and what they did.
    And how they each used differant fonts for their titles: Wanted and Reward...
    Something I really want to know is, How did the Creators of these posters come up with their names? And what were the steps they needed to take to come up with them?

    Jesse Hickmott
    Room 2
    Ross Intermediate
    Palmerston North

  2. look at class blog really liked tins wanted poster it was really cool