Monday, 2 September 2013

Term 3 Week 6 Homework

This week's homework is very similar to last week's, but there are one or two differences. Do you talk
about the Fish Philosophy at home with your family?  If you do this week, you can have a 'Can Do' signed off. I wonder if anyone will complete the whole sheet this week?  There are a few people who got close last week.  REMEMBER you must have all 'Must Do's signed off for your homework to be considered completed. FYI - homework books are looking very organised and up-to-date by almost everyone in Room 2. Keep up the great work!
Due next Monday - 9th September.
To download this week's homework sheet in pdf. click here. 


  1. Hi Mrs Bradshaw,
    Would it count if we talked at the dinner table each night for the can do listen to someone to BE THERE?

    Ben Baas
    Room 2
    Ross Intermediate